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If you find yourself stuck or stalled in your career, let us help you discover or refine your goals and put you on the path to achieving them.

Expert career coaching for professionals in Chicago and throughout the USA

Our coaching helps clients to advance in their careers, find more satisfying paths, make more money, and achieve work/life balance. Avoid the stress and expense of a long job search. Don’t end up desperately grabbing a job that’s not right, just to get back to work.

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Coaching With Lots of Personal Attention

We’re generous with our time. We provide hands-on coaching to help you refine your vision for the future, develop a highly-polished written and verbal self-presentation, and teach you to reach the people who can hire you. You’ll learn what to say to impress them, get them to refer you to others, and to negotiate the compensation package you deserve.

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Career Webinars

We help you improve your job search, get hired, and to accomplish your career goals.

Executive Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles

Executive Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles

Our custom-crafted professional resumes wake the boss from that bored stupor brought on by reading too many awful resumes. They compel the boss pick up the phone and make the call to ask you to interview. Our LinkedIn profiles have “the right stuff” so recruiters and employers find you—and are impressed when they do.

Executive Salary Negotiations

Executive Salary Negotiations

We wrote the book on negotiating salary. We’ll help you get the compensation package you deserve: money, benefits, and perks. With our help, clients are saving more for their child’s college education, buying that new car, taking great vacations, and building a secure future.

We help top professionals advance their careers!

We’ve helped professionals take quantum leaps to advance their careers, change industries, take their careers in new directions, and get their next jobs. As career coaching experts, we’ve worked across many industries.
We help you clarify your vision for the future—and are with you each step of the way to help you create that future. The skills we teach will be invaluable through a lifetime of career advancement. We help you to gain confidence in your abilities and to unlock your full potential.

Our highly-skilled career coaches can help you to identify the best path to success for your own personal journey. We look at your skills in depth and help you to develop a vision for the future—on the vision you already have. We teach skills that you can use again and again for your future career advancement.

We help clients feel confident in their abilities and to finally feel in control of their own career destiny. Our one-on-one coaching helps you to unlock the full potential of your skills.

Executive Resumes And LinkedIn Profiles

We help you get the edge on your competition with copy that captures the excellence of your career and makes employers want to pick up the phone and call you right away. Creating great LinkedIn profiles and resumes is both an art and a science–we know how to do both.

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We help top professionals advance their careers!

We’ve helped clients to take a quantum leap to advance their careers, change industries, take their careers in a new direction–or just find the next job. We’ve worked across many industries and can help you to identify the best path to success. We help you develop a vision for the future—or to turn the vision you already have into reality. We teach skills that you can use again and again for your future career advancement.

Our staff of highly skilled career coaches can help you to identify the best path to success for your own personal journey. We look at your skills in depth and we can work at customizing a journey that you can use to establish career advancement for your future.

We want to help our clients feel confident in their own skills and to finally feel in control of their own career destiny. By working with us in our seminars and one-on-one coaching sessions, we can help you to unlock the full potential of your skills.

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We've helped professionals in most industries to get ahead!

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Who can benefit from our services?

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Our service is the perfect fit for anyone attempting to maximize their career potential. If you have felt stuck in your career for years or you are interested in taking an audit of what your skills may be worth today, we can help you.

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here is why

Why choose our company

We are a team of professionals

We have created a well-rounded team of career coaches that are true professionals. We have years of experience in our business and we want to offer some of the very best in advice no matter what type of career you are building. We have staff members that have worked in a number of industries to help you with hands-on advice.

Our advanced knowledge

The career counselors that we have on hand are very knowledgeable. We want to make sure that we can offer trained advice to our clients through an advanced knowledge of our industry/ employer requirements. We want to help you represent your skills in the best possible way.


We have seen industry trends come and go and through our knowledge of a series of well-rounded industries we can offer experience in how to format a resume, how to represent your skills and more. We want to make sure that we use the most modern standards to help you forge new career paths.

Our about

Our experts

Jack Chapman

Jack is a nationally-known pioneer and thought leader in executive career coaching, He is the author of “Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1,000 a Minute,” the national “bible” of salary negotiations. Through salary tele-coaching, he has helped thousands of people to get top compensation.

Steve Frederick

Steve and Jack met at a national career coaching firm. Soon, they fired the boss and started a private practice. Steve is a committed advocate who helps clients believe in themselves and to reach for high goals. He is a talented writer and popular public speaker who delivers many career workshops and webinars

from our clients


CEO Executive Director

Jack and Steve are the consummate professionals and are “tops” in the career transition/coaching industry. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the way they shepherded me through a difficult and challenging time in my career search. It was the third time I had been in transition in my 35+ years of working and was the hardest because of my age (late 50’s) and because I am at the narrow end of a very narrow field (executive/CEO level of trade associations and professional societies) and did not have the luxury or flexibility to move from the Chicago area. I have used a very large out-placement firm in the past and also tried to go it alone; however, their hands-on, personal touch made this experience much more productive and successful. It was well worth the very reasonable fee they charged and they stuck with me all the way to a very successful conclusion. I highly recommend them without any reservation! You can’t go wrong!

Jeff Arnold
CEO Executive Director, Delta Mu Delta International Academic Honor Society
SVP/Senior Compliance Manager

After being out of work for awhile, I went to my first meeting with Steve with some trepidation about whether he would be able to help me. Steve worked with me to come up with my key success factors, which ultimately was used to land my dream job. Along the way, Steve guided me with patience and encouragement, especially when I got stuck trying to refine my presentation of accomplishments. Steve is an excellent teacher and job coach and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new job or new career.

Dave Arenson
SVP/Senior Compliance Manager, First Midwest Bank
Executive Assistant

Before working with Steve, I had a resume that was accurate, but filled with jargon – and it didn’t show me at my best. Some of my greatest accomplishments either weren’t on the resume or didn’t come across clearly. Together, we created a new one that is engaging and really speaks to the essence of what I do, complete with concise descriptions of my most significant achievements. This and the other career work we did together, helped me get hired within just a few weeks. I’m excited to be starting at a company where I see a lot of room to contribute and grow as a professional. Steve’s guidance was invaluable in bringing focus and calm assurance to what had previously been a scattered and uncertain approach.

Kathy Hartung
Executive Assistant
Project Manager

Thank you for your counseling and support. You helped me improve my resume and showed me how to sell myself. I had been laid off for a long time and after I starting working with Steve I was able to land a job in 2 months. I would recommend your services to anyone looking to find a new position.

Jeff Schutte
Project Manager
Engineering Project Manager

My initial engagement with Steve Frederick and Jack Chapman was when my job was in jeopardy at a start up that was not succeeding. My ability to convey my value proposition to future employers and networking associates was in need of improvement. Steve and Jack were of great assistance in improving my resume impact, and to develop a 2-minute profile which clearly and concisely describes how I contribute to an organization. While others close to me have read my resume over the years, the most striking comment I received on the update was “I finally understand what you do!” Steve and Jack assisted me with preparation for conversations with people in the field, providing focus, good questions, and helping to ensure the meetings were productive and opened doors for me—and helping to prepare for job interviews. The coaching from Steve and Jack helped me throughout my campaign and on into salary negotiations. All the above contributed to me landing a great job at Apple within a few months of engaging with Steve and Jack. If you need career help, these are the guys you should be using.

Guy Newhouse
Engineering Project Manager, Apple
Real Estate Management Specialist

I had over 20 years tenure with my company, and had planned to retire from there. Then came a a number of rounds of layoffs. Though I survived the layoffs, my position no longer felt secure. I started to work with you, looking on our work as an insurance policy. It gave me the Nth degree peace of mind. When I was ultimately let go, your help and support kept me from going to a dark place. Without our work, my life would be so different. Today, I’m well into my search and getting project work and have several good connections with potential employers. My colleagues waited till they were laid off and then took the outplacement services my company provided. Those services do not have the personal touch you provide that leads to the most valuable contacts, security, and peace of mind. Your individual professional guidance has been invaluable. I thank God for Jack and Steve. It is money well spent.

Michael Frame
Real Estate Management Specialist
Senior Business Development Officer

When I was referred to you, I’d been working with a job coach on a limited basis, while my job at the time was taking a turn for the worse. I had just received a 60- day warning letter from our new management team. It was time to take control of the situation and commit to a program that was solution-based instead of reaction-based. I met with Jack and Steve and committed to the program. The money was tight, but I needed to add my own skin to the game. We first worked on a program to save or at least prolong my current job. This was a departure from my initial instinct to just hide and live in fear. Jack had me write action plans for my employer and keep constantly upbeat and engaged. This prolonged my job for and additional month or two and assured me of my severance. Had I not been proactive and positive, at Jack’s suggestion, I very well would have risked my severance and references. I worked with Steve and Jack to reconstruct my core strengths. This provided me with insight insight and confidence in myself, enabling me to stay positive and focused in my search and interactions with employers and networking interviews. We upgraded my resume and LinkedIn profile and practiced interviewing skills, then put together a simple marketing plan. I soon secured a job at Allstate as Affinity Sales Rep for their Emerging Business Unit. Ironically, with all the networking I did, I found this job using LinkedIn–my resume and LinkedIn profile were a perfect match. Thank you, Steve. With your help, I negotiated a competitive salary, bonus and benefit package.

Dan Herrmann
Senior Business Development Officer
Senior Sales Executive

I want to thank you for the support, encouragement and direction you gave me during my career search. This process has helped me not only redefine myself, but find myself again. Your process helped me redefine my goals and career objectives and gave me the confidence to continue moving forward when I really wanted to sit down. My twenty-some years in sales prepared me for the biggest sale of my life — marketing and selling me. Without your help in defining the clear product definition of “Me,” it would have been difficult to “get the order” this quickly. I thank Steve for the inspiration, coaching and superb editing he provided to guide me to the next chapter in my career as Vice President, Global Accounts Development for Celsis International.

James Liddel
Senior Sales Executive


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